Cafe 55 Liquor License Activation

October 26, 2020

As we head into the Winter Resort season, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support of Café 55 both in the beverage and food areas last season. The reopening of this fantastic service will be for our first event, our Oktoberfest on Thursday, October 29, 2020. The Café 55 menu will go into effect on November 1. Please go to our website and click on the Café 55 tab to see your selection of great foods and to place your orders.

With that in mind and in keeping with the strict letter of Arizona’s Department of Liquor Licenses and Control law, we will be placing our license active Thursday, October 29, 2020.

So what does that mean you ask? It means that after Wednesday, October 28, 2020, all alcohol in the Clubhouse areas must be purchased from the Café

Bill Evans GM

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