Pet Friendly

Following is the structure and implementation plan for this unique partnership between The Palms RV Resort and Arizona West Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

Over 95% of the Baby Boomers vacationing in the Southwest have pets. Dogs and cats make up the majority of the boomers travel companions with a splash of birds and an occasional rabbit. In Yuma because of the shortage of veterinarians, travelers to this area that need a vet but have not established a vet relationship soon find that they have no access to a vet clinic when there is an emergency for their pet. The Palms RV Resort is a pet friendly community that welcomes all friendly pets as long as they truly are friendly. The majority of our winter vacationing guests will have pets and will need a relationship with a local reputable vet. This partnership between Arizona West Vet Clinic and The Palms solves this issue.

1. All rental guests will be extended an invitation to join The Palms. You must do the following to be enrolled in the V.I.P. Program.

2. Complete the medical enrollment of your pet by filling in the Arizona West Vet Clinic form.  This form will be sent out to the rental guest after a reservation deposit has been made or an accepted reservation has been received.

3. The Arizona West medical enrollment form must be mailed back to The Palms RV Resort. The Palms will deliver the enrollment form to the Vet Clinic. When you arrive in Yuma to The Palms RV Resort you must set an appointment with Arizona West Veterinary Clinic for a pet physical and validation of the enrollment form. Arizona West Veterinary Clinic has reduced the fee for your pet’s physical to $40.00. When your pet’s physical has been completed your pet’s enrollment in this very important program is completed.

4. The program includes:

  • A free $35.00 Pet Spa Package gifted to you by The Palms RV Resort for renting at The Palms RV Resort. The spa package includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Brushing, Blow Dry, Toenails clipping and the OOH LA LA Palms Cologne. (one pet one Spa Package gift certificate.)
  • An Arizona West Vet Clinic Pet Care Package
  • Peace of mind having a Vet to attend to all your pet health needs including an after 6 PM emergency care program that gets your pet taken care of.
  • A monthly Pet Care Seminar will be available for our members of the Pet V.I.P. Club. These educational classes will be held at the Jasmine Memorial Fun Park (small dog park). Topics that will be covered at these monthly Saturday seminars will cover a variety of other pet topics that will be educational and fun.
  • In season the Pet Expos will feature agility competition and several other very exciting events to be announced.

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