Vacation Rentals

Here is how to make your reservation and secure the lot of your choice:

1. To reserve by phone: Please Contact Us

Fill in the blanks on the Online Reservations Registration form and follow the instructions.

2. To reserve manually by Snail-Mail (or drop it off in person) or by Fax:

Download Application for Reservation Form Packet below. Print and Fill in the blanks.
Mail or Fax the completed and signed forms to us:

Palms RV Resort
3400 S. Avenue 7E
Yuma, AZ 85365

Fax Number: (928) 726-6397

3. Reservation Payment Instructions

Your reservation deposit (amount depends on reservation type) is required to establish and secure your reservation.
–    Seasonal (3 months or more) Reservation Type Deposit Amount: $495
–    Monthly, Weekly, Nightly Reservation Types Deposit Amount: Prepayment in Full

Accepted Payment Types: Checks or Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)
If paying by Check, the Check must be attached to a copy of your reservation form and sent by Mail (or brought to the resort in person).
If paying by Credit Card, the completed Credit Card Authorization Form (included within the Reservation Form Packet) must be attached to a copy of your reservation form and sent by either Mail, Fax, or brought to the resort in person.

Once you have finished filling out the Reservation Registration Form, Attach your check payable in US Dollars to The Palms RV Resort for the term of rent that you have selected. If you are not paying by check, complete and attach the Credit Card Authorization form, which is included within the Reservation Form Packet.
Deliver the Reservation Forms to the The Palms RV Resort Discovery Center Office using your method of choice discussed above.

Please allow the Reservation Staff to process your reservation and contact you to complete the process.  Once the reservation process is completed you will receive confirmation via email, snail-mail, or in person.  If you do not receive confirmation within 2 weeks, please call us and let us know.

Downloads Section:
Application for Reservation Form Packet

Links Section:
Upcoming Season Rates
Park Map

Don’t forget to contact us for our Special Offers!

Conditions and limitations, rules and regulations apply.

–  Six month and five month reservations are given priority status.

–  One Month = 30 Nights. Rates are calculated on 30-night months, consecutive usage, and 2-person occupancy.

–  If you are currently residing on a lot requested by another guest for a six month reservation, you may preserve that lot by upgrading to a six month reservation for next season.

–  If you are selecting a six-month rate and electing to take advantage of the over-summer storage provision and you will leave The Palms before the lot you have selected is available, then you must make arrangements at your own expense to have your recreational vehicle moved as soon as that lot becomes available.

–  Lots selected under the 6-month rate program may be occupied for a total of no more than 179 consecutive nights.

–  Utilities and services may not be connected during the over-summer storage period and no items other than the recreational vehicle may be stored on the lot unless by express written permission of management.

–  SkyMed coverage is no longer automatically included with any Palms RV Resort Reservations.  Please contact 1-800-4SkyMed (1-800-475-9633) for coverage.

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